Come visit the Gallery and Gift Shop of Artisans United Inc (AU).

AU, begun in 1988, is a non-profit organization drawing its membership from local independent and Guild artists. Its primary purpose is to preserve, promote and develop the arts and crafts by providing an intellectual and creative forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and materials among its members. We operate the Craft Gallery and Gift Shop as a community resource, where the members’ creations are on display and available for purchase. The Craft Gallery presents six two-month shows annually; often the shows focus on a theme, member Guild or artistic challenge.

January - February Show

New Year--New ME-- I Resolve: to eat more dark, leafy greens and less junk food; to exercise more and work up to a 5-minute plank; to listen more and 'bite my tongue' when necessary; and to shop at The Gallery of Artisans United. The first three things are going to be hard. But shopping at our gallery will be easy and enjoyable.

Going on a cruise? We've got silk apparel and jewelry for your formal evenings at the Captain's Table. After-holiday birthdays for the little ones? How about stuffed animals, safari t-shirts, or adorable baby socks, sweaters, and hats. Perhaps handcrafted pens and keepsake boxes for the bigger guys who are blowing out the candles on the cake. A lovely woven scarf for yourself might make the winter better. And you can count on us to have the perfect hostess gift for you as you make the rounds of 2018 parties.

A Happy Healthy 2018 to all of you from all of us. Come and see us.