Hand-Knit Baby Accessories by Peggy Taves

Once upon a time, a physical therapist got so involved with her kid-clients that she decided to make her own texture blankets
to meet the unique sensory needs of each child. Driving around northern Virginia, working on the blankets in between home visits, searching
out special yarns to blend together, and voila: TextureTouches was born!

Nowadays I focus in two different directions: one-of-a-kind baby knits, and nature-inspired texture blankets for photographers. I create
my baby hats and blankets using exotic yarns made of bamboo, corn, milk, silks, soy, and sugar cane to offer low-allergen items for
a new baby's sensitive skin. I also work with enticingly soft yarn blends in alpaca, angora, buffalo, cashmere, llama, and mink. My photo
prop blankets are designed to give baby's first pictures subtle background effects that mimic the natural world: grasses, mosses, flowers, feathery nests, etc.

My designs are all original and my own and the yarn blends I create are my own as well. My love is design, finding that perfect union of yarns, embellishments
and textures. I make all the props myself, by hand, one at a time, in my home studio, where the daylight is just perfect for color mixing.

I wake up every morning excited with new color or design ideas - life is good!