Assisted Twister Beadworks

Beadwork Jewelry by Karen Bowes

Although I was born in Montana, I spent my growing-up years moving around the country as an Army brat. My Dad's postings even included a tour in Europe.
My Dad was also responsible for introducing me to beadwork: he brought home a bead loom when I was just a kid, and 'we' made beaded strips like you would find on a 'genuine Indian belt'.

My adult introduction to beads and beading began with a trip to a bead artist's shop in Alexandria. One look at all those seed beads, those beautiful, magical little pieces of glass and I was hooked.
I have been beadweaving for more than 12 years, having started out by making items and pieces of jewelry for members of my family and friends. I think part of what is so much fun
about beadweaving is the almost Zen-like repetition of creating something beautiful one tiny bead at a time. I enjoy playing with color combinations, some of which have been quite serendipitous.
And certainly there is no lack in the variety of stitches employed in beadweaving: Dutch spiral, peyote, Ndebele, brick stitch, and right angle weave to name a few, in addition to that loom weaving
that started it all for me. Beadweaving is NEVER boring-frustrating on occasion, but not boring. Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind: each is special in its own way.

I sincerely hope the recipient of my craft will have as much enjoyment wearing/owning what I've created as I did in making it.